• 3 suspects in custody in connection with firing at MPD officers

    By: Tony Atkins , Jerrita Patterson


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The man charged in connection with shooting in the direction of Memphis Police Officers was in court Friday.  

    Ladarren Easley, 24, was accused of being the driver spotted by Memphis Police after officers reported not only hearing, but feeling bullets whizzing past them here along N. Avalon earlier this week.  

    In a police report Easley told investigators he wasn't aiming for the officers, instead another driver.  

    Friday, Easley spoke with his newly retained lawyer, Craig Morton before going in front of the judge.

    Morton said his client was facing several serious charges to include Attempted First-Degree Murder.

    "It's an A felony, it carries anywhere from 15 to 25 years," Morton said.

    Police also arrested Carl Betts, he’s set to appear Monday.  

    Detectives said Betts was the passenger riding alongside Easley when the shots were fired.  He ran from police dropping a loaded gun, before going into hiding.  

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    Officers said Betts then sent text messages to his girlfriend Georgia Allen, instructing her on where to pick him up. 

    Those text messages led police to charge Allen with being an accessory.  

    Allen appeared before the judge by way of video Friday. Bond was set at $10,000 and she was ordered back in court next week.  At which time, we could learn much more.

    "On Monday, they will ask the co-defendants if they have attorneys and if they do then we will probably set it for a preliminary hearing," Morton said.

    Bond for Easley is set at $500,000.  

    Georgia Allen will have to pay $10,000 for her freedom. 

    Passenger Carl Betts was given a $1 million dollar bond.

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