• 4 Binghampton homes damaged after tree falls

    By: Lauren Coleman


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Kelly Jennemann was enjoying quality time with her family Sunday afternoon when she noticed something unusual.

    “We had a movie on and I didn’t hear anything and I got up and went in to the other side of the house and saw branches in front of the window,” Jennemann said.

    Jennemann lives on Williford in Binghampton. When she went outside she was shocked to see a tree sticking through her neighbor’s home, but was even more surprised to see the tree was touching four different houses.

    “My home is the yellow one,” Jennemann said.

    “And it’s just barely touching our house. There’s no damage. It’s on top of this one, through the next one, and the roots are sticking into one side of the house," Jennemann told FOX13.

    Jennemann and her husband quickly called 911.

    Memphis Fire Department told FOX13 no one was hurt, and no one was inside two of the homes that received major damage.

    William Jurgens with Jones Brothers Tree & Landscape said it will take about eight hours to remove the tree.

    “We’re going to actually take this out with a crane, it’s very dangerous for the guys that are doing the work up there because you’re on the roof that could collapse,” Jurgens said.

    He said it can get complicated when multiple homes are affected.

    “Well you have different owners, different insurance companies,” Jurgens said.

    “Somebody on one home may want to actually wait until they contact their insurance agent and get clarification.”

    Jennemann said she’s just glad no one was hurt.

    “We definitely want our neighbors to know that we’re there for them,” she said.

    “It’s sad that it takes a storm like this to get to know your neighbors, but I definitely want our neighbors to knock on our door if they need help.”

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    4 Binghampton homes damaged after tree falls