• 42,000 MLGW customers experience outages, severe storms leave split trees and down power lines

    By: Amicia Ramsey , Kody Leibowitz


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Thousands of people are without power in the Memphis metro area.

    At the peak of this storm, more than 42,000 Memphis Light Gas and Water customers were left without power.

    In Oakhaven, more than 3,000 customers were without power late Monday afternoon. 

    About 4,000 people were without power in East Memphis near 385.

    The storms have moved through the area and nearly 10,000 customers still do not have electricity. 

    According to Memphis Light, Gas and Water, they are in crisis mode and hope to have 80% of power to those affected by midnight tonight. 

    The company has also brought in extra crews from out of town, and they are expected to arrive later today. 

    But the power outages weren't the only problem.

    From split trees to fallen power lines, residents were out picking up the pieces all day. 

    Alford Pointer told FOX13,"There is a tree in our backyard that’s over in our neighbor's yard. There is a truck parked in the street, a limb fell down and just tore that truck up. It knocked the windows out. It was a fairly new Tahoe and it just tore up.”

    Crews were working late to restore power, but in the meantime, people are dealing with being in the dark the best they can. 

    "Radio, candles and a couple of flash lights, we’ll ride it out. If it gets within a couple of days we have to clear our freezer and refrigerator out because the food will spoil.  We are hoping we can get our utilities will get turned back on before it gets too bad," said Pointer. 

    If you would like to report a power outage call the MLGW electric outage hotline at 901-544-6500.

    Click here for an updated number and updates on the outages. 

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