5 witnesses granted immunity in Holly Bobo murder trial

5 witnesses granted immunity in Holly Bobo murder trial

Five people have been granted either federal or state immunity to testify in the murder trial of Zachary Adams, one of three men accused of raping and killing 19-year-old Holly Bobo after she disappeared in 2011.

Victor Dinsmore, Michael Alexander, Jason Kilzer, Shayne Austin, and Jason Wayne Autry were all granted immunity, according to court records filed in Hardin County.

Adams’ trial was moved from Decatur County to Hardin County due to the high-profile nature of the case.

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The names were listed in notices of immunity filed in Hardin County in June which FOX13 reviewed Thursday.

Autry is Adams’ accomplice according to investigators. They’re two of three men charged with murder for their suspected roles in Bobo’s death. Zachary Adams’ brother, Dylan Adams, is the third suspect.

According to court records, Autry was given Federal immunity. His attorney also arranged an agreement with prosecutors where Autry’s charges may be reduced after he testifies against Adams.

“The state does not have an immunity agreement with Mr. Autry,” Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols wrote in the Notice of Immunity. “The state and counsel for Mr. Autry agreed to discuss reduced charges against Mr. Autry after the trial against [Adams] and Mr. Autry’s truthful testimony.”

Austin, who was also granted immunity, was a person of interest in the case before he committed suicide in 2015.

During a court hearing in February, Nichols said Austin provided written testimony about Adams to the TBI before he killed himself.

“Do you recall Shayne Austin writing in his own hand writing that Zach said ‘I put her by the "T" in the river,’” Nichols read from a document in court in February, quoting Austin’s testimony about Zach.

“They’ll never find her there,” she continued, reading from the testimony.

The testimony is expected to be presented as evidence when Adams’ trial begins in September.

FOX13 reviewed a volume of court records Thursday related to Holly Bobo’s case.

The thick file revealed a snapshot of how prosecutors plan to prove Zach Adams’ role in Bobo’s murder.

Documents suggest phone records are also of interest. Multiple subpoenas required phone companies to provide records for various phone numbers.

According to the file, prosecutors are also interested in recorded conversations Adams’ had with friends and family while in jail.

Another key piece of evidence is a gun which was recovered in May. Prosecutors plan to present it as a the murder weapon, according to court records.

Adams’ defense has argued for weeks they need to know more about the weapon, which was discovered in late May.

Judge Creed McGinley delayed Adams’ trial, which was scheduled to start July 10.

The trial is rescheduled for September 11 to give the defense time to have experts examine the newly discovered weapon.