SOURCES: 6 police officers, firefighter involved in sexual misconduct investigation in Olive Branch

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss — Since this story first aired, sources have told us 8 police officers and 1 fire lieutenant were involved in the sexual misconduct investigation. 

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Multiple sources told FOX13 Olive Branch Police Department has launched an investigation of sexual misconduct involving at least six officers and a firefighter.

FOX13 has learned the investigation started last week. The officers are no longer on the job.

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The Olive Branch Police Department had 83 officers when FOX13 last checked.

People who live in Olive Branch say they appreciate the department's work.

“I think they are a good police department," Mae Watson told FOX13.

Multiple sources told us at least six officers and one firefighter didn’t live up to that impression or the department's standards.

Those same sources told FOX13 the officers resigned as the department was investigating them for sexual misconduct. Sources say those sexual relations happened while the officers were on the job and in some cases at the police station.

Several sources confided in FOX13, saying the investigation started after some of the officers involved got jealous of each other.

It led to shouting, pushing and shoving. FOX13 is working to find out if the officers involved in that scuffle had their weapons on them.

"I think it is a bad thing. If it is happening, you know," Watson said.

To independently confirm what multiple sources told us, FOX13 went to the police department to speak the chief about the investigation and was told he was not there.

FOX13 filed out an open records request to find out more about the officers involved.

We went to city hall in Olive Branch, Mississippi, to speak with the mayor.

FOX13 wanted to ask Mayor Scott Phillip if there was an investigation of sexual misconduct at his police department, and if the allegations of police having sex on the job were true.

Mayor Phillip sent an email stating he would not “discuss personnel matters.”

“I think we need to know because we pay taxes," Olive Branch resident Pam Bell said.

FOX13 is working to find out about the job status of the firefighter. We called every alderman in Olive Branch. We spoke to one who would not comment about if an investigation exists.

All she said is there is a “process.”  As for our open records request about the officers who resigned, the city rejected it.

The mayor claimed what we wanted are personal records protected under MS State Law.