67 guns stolen from trailer at Academy in Olive Branch

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Dozens of guns and ‘some’ ammo were stolen from a box truck while the driver was sleeping inside.

That’s according to police in Olive Branch, MS who are now looking for where the 67 stolen guns might be.

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Police said it happened behind the Academy Sports store on Goodman Road.

Olive Branch Police Chief, Don Gammage, said the truck driver parked in the back of the store Sunday night.

“He got up this morning around 6:00am and discovered that his trailer had been broken into,” said Gammage.

Chief Gammage said two of the guns were high power assault rifles, several were shotguns and the rest were handguns.

Chief Gammage said it’s still too early in the investigation to say this is an inside job but said detectives are questioning employees and the driver adding, “We have no reason right now to believe that he was involved in anything but this is still an ongoing investigation.”

Detectives do not yet know how the thieves got into the truck and wouldn’t say if the guns were targeted but adds nothing else on the truck was taken.

Now, the concern is the possibility of the guns crossing into Memphis.

“I listen to Director Rawlings all the time about getting these guns off the street and now we have a large number of weapons that's on the street somewhere,” said Chief Gammage.

Tennessee and Mississippi have had their fair share of guns stolen or lost from federal firearm licensed dealers.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tracks each one.  Brent Beavers is an ATF Special Agent in the Memphis field office who said, “that's another way we look to reduce violent crime by going after our federal firearm licensee thefts and try to get those firearms out of the hands that they shouldn't be in.”

ATF data shows Mississippi had 311 guns stolen in 2016.

The theft outside Academy Sports store early Monday morning represents 20% of all the guns stolen in the entire state all of last year.

“We investigate those very rigorously and try to recover those firearms and get them off the streets,” said Beavers.

A spokesperson with Academy Sports acknowledged to FOX13 a crime happened overnight and said the company is cooperating with investigators.

The business called this theft "alarming" because of number of guns stolen. They think the guns will enter illegal "commerce market" and "will more than likely be used in violent crimes."

If you have any information regarding this theft, you are urged to contact police.