• 7-month-old breaks arm at Memphis daycare, mom shocked by employees' explanation

    By: Kristin Leigh


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis mother turned to FOX13 after her 7-month-old son broke his arm at daycare. 

    MPD is investigating the injury after the mother said employees left her with more questions than answers.

    Starneshia Jones was searching for an explanation as her son begins to heal.

    “With his arm in the sling, they said it's going to take months… He was perfectly fine when he got dropped off,” Jones told FOX13.

    The mother told FOX13 Chase was perfectly fine when a family member dropped him off at Kingdom Hearts Enrichment Center Monday. 

    When she picked her son up from daycare, his arm was dangling. 

    FOX13 went to the daycare, we saw people inside, but no one came to the door to answer our questions. 

    “I wanted answers and no one gave them to me. All they could say was, 'he woke up like that,'” said the mother.

    We learned this isn't the first time the daycare has been placed under the microscope.

    The Department of Human Services has investigated two previous complaints about the daycare, according to the state's database. 

    An investigation in June of 2016 found daycare staff didn't properly supervise children during nap time. 

    State law requires caregivers to check each child's breathing and body temperature every 15 minutes. 

    An observer for the state wrote, "An infant was not checked within the required 15 minute grace period. This occurred 2 times."

    While discussing the daycare, Jones said, “I put my trust in you. I trusted you with my child. It's very frustrating.”

    Jones said she understands mistakes happen, but she felt she deserved an explanation, at the very least.

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    FOX13 reached out to The Department of Child Services. 

    A spokesperson said the agency is not investigating this incident.

    We are waiting to hear from The Department of Human Services, which licenses and inspects daycare's, about whether they'll investigate this incident.

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