$70,000 seized in alleged food stamp fraud

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The U.S. Government is trying to recoup tens of thousands of tax payer dollars they say was stolen by a Memphis business owner.

The feds allege Guy Randall Stockard was part of a food stamp fraud scheme.

The feds seized nearly $70,000 from a local bank lock box they say was involved in Stockard’s alleged food stamp fraud.

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The feds claim it was funneled through a meat market.

EBT cards are funded with federal money to be used by qualifying low income folks.

Court records allege Stockard used his meat market for ‘EBT trafficking’ for selling prohibited items and buying and selling EBT cards for cash.

The feds claim Stockard engaged in a substantial amount of EBT trafficking.

Back in April, the feds raided the Southern Meat Market.

U.S. Attorney Mike Dunavant’s office did not answer any of our questions about seizing the $70,000.

They instead directed us to their mission statement which says, “they provide public safety through the equal and fair administration of justice.”

The meat market is still open for business.

Two employees at the business on Tuesday say they were shocked when the raid happened in April and don’t see Stockard.