• 9 Memphis schools closing after 2018-19 school year


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A school system serving hundreds of underprivileged children across the Mid-South is closing next school year.

    The Memphis Jubilee Catholic Schools will be closing.

    Through donations private funding and donations, the first Jubilee Catholic School opened in 1999.

    Here's a complete list of Jubilee Schools:

    • Little Flower Catholic Church
    • De La Salle Elementary
    • St. Augustine Catholic School 
    • St. Patrick Elementary 
    • St. John Catholic School 
    • Our Lady of Sorrows 
    • St. Joseph Catholic School 
    • Resurrection Elementary 
    • Memphis Catholic Middle & High 

    The system educates over 1,500 students across the Mid-South.

    Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Janet Donato, released the following statement:

    “The educational landscape today is very different than it was in the late 1990s. Our hope is that the students will continue to receive an excellent education that prepares them to be giving members of their communities.”

    "That's sad because it's right in the neighborhood," Lorene Stewart said. "And then the teachers are so good with them. The classes are small, so that's really why we chose this school."

    Unfortunately the funds have run out. For the past two decades, annual fundraisers have helped sustain operations. Additionally a trust fund maintained by donors--has also been depleted.

    An unnamed charter group is set to submit a letter to the Shelby County Schools by the deadline of February 1st. If approved, the soon-to-be vacant Catholic schools could become public charter schools.

    There are enough resources to keep the doors open through 2019. Teachers and staff will also have the opportunity to apply for positions with the charter schools, if the deal goes through.

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    9 Memphis schools closing after 2018-19 school year