A year later: Medical marijuana stalled in Arkansas

It has been nearly a year since Arkansas voters approved medical marijuana, but it’s still not available. That raises the following question: where’s the pot?

There is no solid answer, but what we do know is it will be a while.

“Spring is an ambitious goal to have the product ready for sale,” Scott Hardin, the spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Finance, told FOX13.

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He said the Medical Marijuana Commission will start reviewing and scoring all 95 cultivation applications in mid-December. That means it may be January or February before those licenses are awarded – and they still must build the farms and grow the cannabis.

Most of the applications to grow and sell medical marijuana are in our part of Arkansas, which refers to the portion bordering Tennessee.

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Zone 3 includes Crittenden County. 44 companies want to open dispensaries there and 25 groups are applying to build marijuana farms in that region.

Those numbers hint that investors expect a lot of patients to the border from states where marijuana is not legal, like Tennessee and Mississippi.