Accused murderer sets fire to 201 Poplar twice in less than 10 days

WATCH: Two fires inside 201 Poplar in two days

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The prisoner that set his jail cell on fire at 201 Poplar twice in less than 10 days had been arrested for murder.

Drew Johnson, 27, was arrested for the murder of Calvin Holloway, 25. The murder happened back in 2016.

>> Arrest warrant issued in Southaven murder case

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Holloway went missing in April 2016 after he found a body buried in the backyard of his home.

His family owned the property for 40 years. Holloway said the body was discovered in a grave behind the house.

FOX13 confirmed by surveillance video that Johnson was seen with Holloway minutes after he left his home the night he disappeared.

Holloway was later found dead a little more than five miles away from his home across the state line -- shortly after he went missing.

A warrant was eventually issued for Johnson’s arrest. He had already been booked in Mississippi on an unrelated charge.

Johnson was charged in connection with Holloway's murder in September 2016.

It has been years since anything has been heard about Johnson. Then reports about fires began happening inside the jail.

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A public information request revealed Johnson may be to blame. Shelby County Deputies said on two different occasions they had to put out fires inside the cells.

In both cases, Johnson admitted he was to blame.

The first was May 14. Inmates were allegedly kicking the door inside a cell. When deputies went to check, they found a fire burning a table and floor.

Inmates were evacuated. Johnson was treated for burns and admitted he set the fire.

On May 23, 2019, inmates in the 1st-floor C-pod screamed “Fire! Fire!” Officers reported a disturbance and noticed smoke coming from a jail cell that’s housed by Johnson and another inmate Adair Shaquille.

Fire crews arrived on the scene and extinguished the flames.

Johnson admitted he started the fire and his cellmate had nothing to do with it.

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On top of the murder charges he was facing here in Shelby County and additional charges in Mississippi, Johnson is now facing two charges of setting fire to personal property.

SCSO didn’t have anyone available to interview with us, but they said the fire wasn’t started with illegal contraband. Johnson was able to furnish some sort of makeshift match.

No word on why he started the fires or when he will face trial.