• All the Oak Court teens flashing guns have prior felonies and warrants

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - As shoppers prepare for deals tomorrow and Friday, police are still working to catch three suspects seen flashing guns throughout the Oak Court Mall.

    Each one of the young men in the video has a felony charge and a warrant out for their arrest.

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    If you were in the Oak Court Mall this past Saturday, you probably would have walked past the four teens talking into their cell phone. Not only were they strapped with multiple guns, each one is wanted by police.

    Artavius Lipsey is the 19-year-old on camera most. He has a felony warrant for Domestic Violence. He was also arrested in March of this year for stealing a woman’s car.

    PHOTOS: Video shows young men with guns in Oak Court Mall
    He is not the only one of the group to be locked up for that crime. Jaelen Bell has been arrested three different times for stealing someone’s car. In October 2016, he carjacked a guy off Park Ave. Two months later, Bell was out of 201 and his prints were found inside a car that was stolen off Park Avenue. Then a few months ago in August, a man’s Impala was stolen from a gas station. Bell was seen getting into the car later at Bent Tree Apartments.
    Tracy Woodall, 18, was arrested in June after police say he punched his girlfriend, then fought his sister who tried to intervene. Then pulled a gun and threatened to kill them both.
    A few weeks ago police say Woodall cut off his GPS monitor and threw it in a ditch.

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    One suspect was already arrested. Terrance Jones, 18, was wanted for shooting at a tow truck driver multiple times. He wasn’t alone during that crime.
    “I went into the apartments to do my job and tow a car. And they came out shooting,” said the tow truck driver, who did not want to be identified.

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    Jones has already bonded out of 201 Poplar, hours after he was arrested and his bond set at $25,000.

    Police said, the guys to be taken off the streets immediately before the guns are used for money than a prop on Facebook Live.The teens have been known to frequent the Orange Mound area, and specifically have been seen at Bent Tree and Pendleton Place Apartments. All are believed to be gang affiliated.

    If you have any info you can call CrimeStoppers anonymously at 528-CASH.

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