• Almost 150 people left homeless in Memphis after Monday's storm, Red Cross stepping up to help

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Almost 150 people were left homeless after Monday morning's storm damaged the Cottonwood Apartment Complex in East Memphis. 

    Guillirmo Miguel Garcia has lived at the Cottonwood complex for ten years. He said his building is fine, but others weren't so lucky. 

    Garcia told FOX13, "Very sad they are families, right here a lot of families."

    FOX13 also spoke with a Greg Diaz, the director of the Las Americas Youth Development Center. who said, "the emotions are very tough because remember most of the people that live here are immigrants. They don't have a lot of relatives here. They don't have a lot of friends and it's not like they have five uncles and three aunties that they can go to so, their resources are very minimum."

    According to the Red Cross, at least 147 people were displaced from this one apartment complex. Majority of them are now staying at an emergency shelter just ten minutes away. 

    Red Cross volunteer, Bob Wallace, told FOX13, "We have overflow capacity here that we can begin setting up and I'm told by Red Cross management if need be, we'll open up another shelter somewhere."

    Volunteers said the shelters is open to anyone impacted by this morning's storm, including those who may be undocumented. 

    "We do not ask that question of people whether they are undocumented or citizen of the U.S. We are simply here for anyone who needs help when they need it," said Wallace. 

    People at Cottonwood said they're grateful for all of this support and help. 

    "This is our town. In this case we have to stay together," said Garcia.  

    For those in need of shelter, the Red Cross Emergency Shelter is located at 4791 Willow Rd in East Memphis. 

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