Ammunition stolen, police officer injured during attack at Bass Pro Pyramid

Police are looking for suspects responsible for shoplifting gun ammunition from the Bass Pro Pyramid while knocking a Memphis Police officer unconscious during the getaway.

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This happened Saturday evening right before 4:00

Leroy Heath told FOX13 Memphis has always been home, but his home is beginning to become violent beyond his imagination. "It's increasing. It's been increasing ever since I've been here. Each year it's gotten worse," Heath said. 

Memphis police told FOX13 three men entered the Bass Pro Pyramid, one of them shoplifting the store out of an undisclosed amount of ammunition. 

An off duty Memphis Police officer was able to make contact with the shoplifter during his getaway. 
"Of course, having that type of ammunition floating around the city... nobody can feel good about that," Heath said. 

FOX13 went into Bass Pro to see what type of ammunition was at risk of being shoplifted, and we discovered how easy it was to take .45 caliber bullets on the shelves. 

Police said the officer and suspect  would fight, ending with the officer hitting his head on a metal railing and being knocked unconscious. 

Police said the suspect would escape out of the front doors of the Pyramid in an unknown direction. 

We have reached out to the Bass Pro communications manager who declined to comment on this incident, citing that it is an ongoing investigation. 
"It's just really sad. Memphis is such a great city, and we get such a bad mark," Heath said. 
Memphis police told us the officer injured is ok, but they are not sure what type of bullets were stolen. 

Police did take one juvenile in for questioning, but no arrests have been made.