Another lawsuit filed against Graceland Guest House

WATCH: Another lawsuit filed against Graceland guesthouse

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More legal problems for the Guest House at Graceland.

Another lawsuit has been filed against the hotel by someone who claims to have contracted legionnaires disease during the outbreak last year.

This is the seventh person to bring a lawsuit against the hotel owners.

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R. Sadler Bailey is lawyer who represents a family from the western part of the Florida Pan Handle who are plaintiffs' in this most recent suit.

"When you go to a hotel you don't to contract legionella. You don't expect to  get sick," said R. Sadler Bailey, an attorney at law.

Bailey's law firm has filed six lawsuits against the Guest House from people who claim they got sick, contracted Legionnaires disease from staying at the property.

The Shelby County Health Department suspects the harmful bacteria appeared to be linked to the hotel hot tub and pool.

Attorney Bailey told FOX13, "the inspector who got there noted that the fountain in particular had been hyper 'chlorated' so we think the facility went in and did everything they could sanitize the property."

Attorney Bailey told FOX13 it is doubtful that any more lawsuit will be filed because of the statute of limitations is about to start. Also the health department identified only nine victims.

Seven of them have filed suit and two didn't take any legal action. Bailey said, "I just don't think we are going to have any more come forward."

The Guest House and its corporate owners now have 30 days to respond to this most recent filling, then will come discovery, a back and forth of motions and then perhaps a trial if there is no settlement.

"How much are we asking for that is really up to a jury. My job is to get as much as I can recover on behalf of my clients," said Bailey.

FOX13 emailed Elvis Presley Enterprises, a part owner of the hotel for comment but they have not responded. The suit also names the Memphis Pool Supply Incorporated.

Their attorney sent FOX13 this email.  It states:

Thank you for your inquiry to Mark Reed at Memphis Pool regarding the suit filed against it.  Please be advised that we represent Memphis Pool in this matter, and Mr. Reed has asked us to respond to your request for comment regarding the suit.  Memphis Pool’s comment is as follows:
Memphis Pool is working with its attorneys to address the allegations made against it. Memphis Pool denies all of the allegations against it, and will vigorously defend these claims in the appropriate judicial forum.
Thank you Greg, and please direct all further inquires in this matter to me or my partner, John Willet.