Appeal filed over voting machine lawsuit

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A group of Shelby County voters has concerns over the type of voting machines used in the county.

Shelby Advocates for Valid Election, SAVE, filed a lawsuit about the issue. A judge dismissed the claims in September.

Now, the organization is appealing the decision and pushing for hand-marked paper ballots.

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Joe Towns Jr, Tennessee State Representative told FOX13," it's about the safety of our elections at the local level, state level and national level."

The group's recent lawsuit claimed that touchscreen voting machines are not secure because they don't produce a voter-verifiable paper trail.

A district judge dismissed the suit in September because he said it failed to show that any harm has been caused by these machines.

Now the group is appealing the decision and pushing for hand marked paper ballots.

"That's what we're after, hand marked ballots is basis. If someone can hack a machine, they can put in ransom ware and hold an election at ransom," said plaintiff Mike Kernell.

Representatives from both the Shelby and state election commission offices declined to comment because of the pending litigation.

SAVE members said they want those machines secured from hackers. The group will argue its case in court on December 3.