Arkansas company to begin delivering medical marijuana to patients' doorsteps

WATCH: Weed delivery in Arkansas

PHILLIPS CO., Ark. — Pot delivered to your doorstep – that is the newest feature being offered to medical marijuana patients in the Mid-South.

There are currently only four dispensaries open in the state of Arkansas, leaving patients in much of the state forced to drive hundreds of miles just to get their medicine.

But not for long, if they live near Helena-West Helena.

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Holly Stewart manages Greenlight Dispensary in Phillips County. She said for many of their patients, driving hours on end to pick up products simply is not feasible.

“A lot of these people are in a lot of pain, and they’re having to stress about how they’re going to get their medicine,” said Stewart. “Us bringing it to them just offers a peace of mind.”

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Beginning on Monday, Aug. 12, Greenlight will be making home deliveries to patients within a 100-mile radius.

Stewart told FOX13 some patients physically cannot access their facility or have privacy concerns.

With coveted cargo onboard, Stewart said they take precautions.

“Our delivery vehicle is unmarked. We’re not going to be like the Pizza Hut man, where we’ve got a Greenlight logo on top,” she said. “We’re always going to have two personnel in our vehicle and everything’s going to be locked up all the time.”

Their operation will also be cashless to discourage brazen crooks from trying anything.

Out-of-town deliveries in Arkansas within 100 miles do not cover areas such as Jonesboro, but Stewart said they are working with ABC to try to get those places included.