• Arkansas fireman relieved of duty after commenting on national anthem protest

    By: Scott Madaus


    EARLE, Ark. - A former Earle, Arkansas fireman was relieved of his duties after commenting on NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem.

    >>Donald Trump says NFL anthem protesters should be ‘off the field' and fired

    In a Facebook post Jonathan Marotti said:

    "U want my honest opinion about these worthless piece of c**p professional football basketball and baseball wannabe players i think trump should post snipers at every game and each player that takes a knee or sits in the lockeroom should b shot in the head i have no sympathy for them and no respect and as for the rest of u obama lovin snowflakes out here protesting and makin idiots out of urselves u should b shot on sight to if u disagree with me then dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya."

    Earle Fire Department relieved Marotti of his duties indefinitely due to the inappropriate comments.

    Mayor Sherman Smith told us the post is not representative of the City of Earle.

    “I hope the people don't connect that with the attitude or tone of the City of Earle because it certainly does not display it in anyway,” said Smith.

    When we asked Smith if the city has a current social media policy, he said, "No," adding he will now look to initiate one.

    “Especially with it being the thing of the day and people really relying on that to a large degree, I think it would be a good move to go ahead and adopt one,” said Smith.

    While Marotti apologizes to those who he offended, those who live in Earle agree with the right to free speech, but in this case disagree with how it was carried out.

    “There's enough stuff going on out here already,” said resident William Davis. 

    Marotti issued the following public apology Tuesday: 


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