Arkansas man details frightening encounter with police

Helena West Helena, Ark — A man told FOX13 tonight that he’s thankful to be alive after a rough encounter with police in Helena West Helena, Arkansas Saturday night.

Edrick Truitt went to Facebook Live after being approached by a Helena West Helena Police officer with his gun drawn.

“He had it drawn before he even came to the car,” Truitt said.

The officer to ask Truit to put the car in park and suddenly shouts gun.

Truitt says before he headed back to Jonesboro he stopped at the Double Quick gas station on Oakland Street where he waited for friends.

Truitt says the officer spotted his AR-15 on the backseat of his car.

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We are not showing the identity of the officer pending an investigation.

“I threw my hands back out the window and I was like I’m not putting them back in here,” Truitt said.

FOX13’s Jeremy Pierre spoke to Helena West Helena Police Chief James Smith on the phone Sunday afternoon.

Smith says the gas station closes at 9 pm on Saturdays.

Smith says officers asked several people to leave the parking lot of the store before the encounter with Truit.

“I was really scared l, that was the first time I’ve ever been really scared,” Truitt said.

Chief Smith told FOX13’s Jeremy Pierre he plans to review body cam footage from all of the officers that responded to the scene Saturday night.

From there, he will determine if any wrongdoing occurred or not.

Truitt says he plans to file a complaint against the officer in the video.

“If I would’ve went on ahead and cut the car off he probably would’ve got me,” Truitt said.

Police did not charge Truit for his gun.

According to police, Truit‘s court date for his other charges is June 25th.