As severe weather approaches, Mid-South residents reminded of deadly tornado 25 years ago

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Twenty-five years ago this week 18 tornadoes ripped through the south.

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One of those went through the heart of Germantown, Tennessee and, eastern Shelby county taking the lives of three people and damaging 300 homes.

FOX13 was covering this storm before, during and after and was on the ground when the cleanup began.

“It got really quiet and it stopped for a couple of minutes. Then it got really loud and the whole house came down on me like a deck of cards.”

The Dogwood Grove subdivision was one of the hardest-hit areas, along with Houston High School and a newly built Grace Evangelical Church.

“We feel very blessed if it had been three hours early 500 people would have been in the sanctuary and several hundred more in the Sunday school rooms”

FOX13 tried to track the path of the more than two-decade-old storm. It touched down south of Germantown, damaged many houses off Dogwood Road, hit Houston High at Wolf River and Houston Levee. My sister-in-law was attending Houston at the time, and she told me they had to finish the semester at Germantown high.

The track continued to the northeast crossing near FOX13 Meteorologist Elisabeth D'Amore's in-law's house at Monterey and Reid Hooker Rd in Eads.

Her father-in-law said he heard something like a freight train as they were huddled in the bathroom.

Then it crossed Collierville-Arlington road and damaged multiple TVA power lines and more houses near the Shelby/Fayette county line.

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The month of November is considered part of our secondary severe weather season. With the severe weather risk tonight — make sure you and your family are prepared for the low tornado risk.

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