Attorney: Woman accused of killing Memphis pastor emotional in court, maintains innocence

WATCH: Emotional hearing for accused pastor killer

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — The woman accused of killing a Memphis pastor was back in court Tuesday.

Latoshia Daniels was very emotional in courtroom. She often times held her head down. Her attorney, Leslie Ballin, said they are taking everything day by day.

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Daniels walked in the courtroom very emotional with tears rolling down her face. She didn’t make much eye contact with the judge.

She’s accused of killing Memphis pastor Brodes Perry in front of his wife earlier this month.

Perry was the associate pastor of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

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Police said Daniels' last words to Perry were "you broke my heart." Ballin said it's possible Perry's wife could testify.

His wife was home when all of this happened. Daniels is accused of shooting her in the shoulder.

“We’ve asked the judge to hold a request for a bond hearing at this point. We are taking the case slowly, this is not a marathon, this is not a mile sprint,” said Ballin. “We are still in the information gathering phase, I certainly have talked to Ms. Daniels. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what I know and so at this point we’re just continuing with our not guilty plea.”

Supporters of Daniels sat inside the courtroom Tuesday while Daniels struggled to keep her cool.

“She’s not used to being where she is, she’s not feeling very well. She’s accused of the most serious crime a person can be accused of. She understands the gravity of it and I think her emotions are appropriate,” Ballin said.

The judge set Daniels’ preliminary hearing for May 14 at 2 p.m.

Investigators said it’s likely the incident was a love triangle that went bad.