Attorneys: Sherra Wright plotted Lorenzen Wright's murder because he beat her, children for years

WATCH: Sherra Wright plotted Lorenzen Wright's murder because he beat her, children for years, attorneys say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sherra Wright will no longer go to trial for the murder of ex-husband Lorenzen Wright after pleading guilty to facilitation of first-degree murder.

However, her defense team had been planning to defend her in a trial for nearly a year, and they told FOX13 what that would have been once Lorenzen’s family left the courtroom.

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Sherra’s attorneys said there is one reason she planned the killing of her ex-husband – because he beat and bruised her over the years.

FOX13 called Lorenzen Wright’s mother – Deborah Marion – to see how she felt about the allegations against her late son.

“Well, he was dead when her face got twisted, so he came back to life and killed her face?” Marion said.

Lawyers representing Sherra told FOX13 Lorenzen beat her so badly that he fractured her face and, over time, deformed it.

“Mr. Wright had beaten her for years, and the beatings were consistent. And it led to her face being configured,” said attorney Juni Ganguli. “She feared that Mr. Wright would never leave her alone, and she recruited Billy Turner to kill Mr. Wright because she was sick of getting beaten.”

Ganguli told FOX13 they had witnesses who would have taken the stand detailing the years abuse against Sherra and her children.

When the couple divorced back in 2010, Sherra said it was because of infidelity and violence. Sherra’s legal team was ready to tell the jury in a trial that she plotted the murder of Lorenzen as a direct response to the domestic abuse.

However, Marion does not buy Sherra’s argument at all.

“That’s what 911 is for,” she said. “Do you actually think that he abused his kids and nobody knew about it?”

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Sherra’s attorneys said the strategy was developed after going through the evidence and talking to Sherra about her marriage. They called the strategy a “Scorched Earth Defense” and said it may not have gone over well with a jury at trial.

Before her arrest in 2017, Sherra wrote and published a book in 2015. The LA Times said the book details several violent instances and infidelity between the two main characters.

In an interview with the Commercial Appeal, Sherra said 99.9 percent of the book was made up of true stories of the couple’s relationship.

But Marion said her son never laid a hand on anyone – not Sherra and not the kids.

A tell-all book came out in 2018. It was written by Sherra’s last boyfriend, and it detailed everything Sherra had told him about her and Lorenzen’s relationship and death. In that book, it did not appear that there were any allegations of domestic abuse.

Prosecutor Paul Hageman told FOX13 he could not comment on whether or not he has seen police reports of domestic assault against Lorenzen because of the pending murder trial of Billy Ray Turner.