Band parents fight students after learning child couldn't play during Friday night game

WATCH: Band parents fight students after learning child couldn??€™t play during Friday night game

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Band practice ended with parents beating up students at a Mississippi high school, according to investigators.

Police said a band student at Clarksdale High School got into a dispute with another band student earlier that day.

Band students and police told FOX13 there was a dispute after a student was told he couldn't play in this Friday night's football game. That's when the student allegedly got his mother and father involved.

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The parents then went to the band hall and began assaulting other band students, according to police.

A Clarksdale parent said her son was attacked by the father of another band student. She had to keep her son home today due to the injuries.

"He lost his eyesight and his hearing for an hour after he was attacked by this man... He stomped his head to the ground, which caused his to lose his eyesight and hearing," the parent told FOX13.

Band member George Burrage said he was attacked by the student and his mother.

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Burrage told FOX13 he has a knot on his head and a bruised pelvis in the attack.

“I have no idea what they were thinking or why they did that. I was shocked as why he did that… I feel like it didn’t get that serious,” Burrage said.

Burrage’s mother said she’s very concerned about the incident.

“This time the kids got jumped. Next time it could be a gun… the kids could get killed,” said the mother. “I am concerned with the security measures that were taken.”

FOX13 also spoke by phone with a woman who was with the family who is being accused of starting the fight.

She said the parents were only at the school to break up a fight – and their son was the one who was attacked.

FOX13 is still working to confirm if any arrests have been made in the case. We’ve also reached out to the Clarksdale Municipal School District for comment.