Bartlett movie theater mayhem: Police release new details on viral fight

BARTLETT, Tenn. — It was a movie theater melee.

Cell phone video of the brawl was shared thousands of times, and viewed well over 100,000 times on social media. The man who recorded the video, told FOX 13 the fighting stemmed from an argument over a boy. Moments later multiple girl fights broke out.

According to Bartlett police, the movie 'Insidious' let out and then several juveniles starting to hangout in lobby. Staff eventually tried to get them to leave. The teens refused and started screaming at the staff.

The head of security said things got so out of hand they had to use pepper spray on several of the people fighting.

Employees did not know who started the fight, and police could not locate any victims.

"You know that right there is kind of like watching wrestling on TV," Memphis native Adam Hudson reacted while viewing the video.

FOX13 went back to the Hollywood 20 Cinema just along Stage Road to get more information. Taped to the entrance doors is a note that said those 17 and under must be escorted by a parent for evening movies Friday and Saturday.

It's similar to the parental policy implemented at Oak Court Mall put in place this weekend as a precaution after shots were fired outside the Wolfchase Galleria last month.

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"The parents are out doing what they want to and they are not worried about their kids and that's why the world is becoming the way it is," Hudson said. "Because the parents don't care anymore."

However, several concerned parents did reach out to FOX13. We went to the cinema to ask management if the parental mandate was temporary or permanent, and what was being done to keep movie-goers safe. Before we could ask management the questions from concerned parents, we were asked to leave the property.

"It worries me because I have nieces and nephews, and I have two God kids as well," Hudson said.  "I'm afraid to be out even in the public because something may happen."

The man who captured the video gave us more details. He said security jumped in quickly to break up the fight and he did not see anyone detained.

Bartlett Police told FOX13 through email, it wouldn't be until Monday at the earliest when information would be made available.

"Really, people are afraid to come out because of stuff like that," Hudson said.