Bartlett's Rodney Mason showing he's more than an athlete

Bartlett's Rodney Mason showing he's more than an athlete

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rodney Mason is this week's Scholar Athlete of the Week.

Standing 6-foot-6 Rodney Mason knows most assume he's right at home on the basketball court.

"Knowing that when people see you, they say oh he's tall," Mason said. "First thing they ask you is oh you must play basketball?"

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This is true, but the Bartlett star senior wants to make sure it's known he's more than an athlete.

"I take advance placement classes and honors classes," he said. "I mean I do all of it. I want people to think that I'm a well-rounded young man."

Panthers coach Dion Real provides the perfect example to showcase Mason's desire to get it down off the court.

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"I think he was struggling in a class last year," Real said. "He was like coach I gotta go and get this grade up. I'm thinking like get up? What are you talking about? It was like a B. It was like an 88 or 87. He was trying to get to that 90. So that's just the type of young man he is."

Mason, who also plays the bass and violin, credits his parents for developing his well-rounded ways.

"Growing up my dad, he would tell my coaches if he got a B he gotta sit out the first half," he said. "Nobody wants to sit out the first half.  So, it tells me to push myself to make sure I get the best grades possible in the classroom."

Mason can play some ball too. He's getting recruited by a nice amount of Division I schools.

"He's the type of kid that you look in the box score who has 12 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, 2 charges and 2 blocks," Real said. "He's a stat stuffer."

With such a well-rounded mentality, it's no surprise Mason is already locked in on his career vision. He wants to be an orthopedic doctor.

"My grandmother was a doctor," he said. "She worked a Le Bonheur for a long time. She was a [cardiovascular] doctor. She was a doctor. She worked there until she retired. My sister, she wants to be a [cardiovascular] doctor. So just like seeing different doctors and of course they make a lot of money too at the same time."