Beloved police officer shot and killed inside his West Memphis home

Beloved police officer shot and killed inside his West Memphis home

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark — A Forrest City, Ark. police officer was shot and killed inside his West Memphis home.

The deadly shooting happened Saturday afternoon at the Meadows Apartments, which are located on S. Avalon Street.

“You still have an element of fear in that area when this happens, then you give it a couple days and leads start really rolling in which is where we are today,” said Captain Joe Baker.

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He couldn’t give specifics but says the area where Johnson lived is one of the most violent in West Memphis. He said small fringe rival gangs typically fight and start shooting.

Oliver Johnson was sitting in the 'gaming room' in his apartment when several bullets someone outside the home started shooting. Several bullets entered the residence. One of them struck Johnson and took his life.

Johnson, whose family is from Earle, had two young children.

Outside the apartment, there was an empty toy car box by the dumpster. It was the present given to Johnson's daughter at her birthday part. She turned three the day before he was tragically killed.

Melica Macklin, who is the aunt of Johnson's fiance, said the couple was planning on getting married later this year. She described the slain officer as happy and driven; he wanted to become a detective and ultimately a private investigator.

Family members told FOX13 violence has plagued the area. They said an aunt's car was recently shot 24 times, and there have been other shootings in Oliver Johnson's apartment complex.

Baker told FOX13 Saturday’s shooting could be connected to other recent shootings in the area. All of which he says Johnson had nothing to do with.

“Now, it does hit a little closer to home, a lot of my guys actually knew him,” Baker said.

So, now instead of one day working with him, they are trying to track down his killer. Captain Baker said they are still pulling and going through surveillance video.

Police are asking for anyone with tips to call CrimeStoppers.