Best ways to prevent roof damage during a storm

WATCH: Best ways to prevent roof damage during a storm

The most common part of your home to be damaged during a storm is your roof. Whether it's straight-line winds, hail, or even a tornado - it can be a hassle and costly.

FOX13 spoke with an expert about the best ways to keep this vital part of your home safe.

You've probably seen a lot of wind damage to roofs, but how do you know if your roof will survive a storm?

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Trees are a big enemy to shingle roofs. If you have limbs, walk around your house and see if any limbs can possibly break or fall off on the roof. If you do, get someone to remove the limbs.

When it comes to wind damage, there's really only one way to prevent it - that's metal roofing.

Metal roofing can withstand 140 mph winds, a shingle roof can only stand 80 mph.

So if you’re considering a metal roof, make sure you do your homework.

Always remember the roof and foundation are the most important parts of your house.

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