Best ways to stay safe in unconventional areas during a tornado warning

WATCH: Taking shelter during severe weather

One of the best places to go during a tornado warning is a well-built brick family home. However, nearly 30% of Americans live in either an apartment or a manufactured home.

Where do they seek shelter? And what if you’re out running errands or at church on Sunday?

FOX13 is going to explain four unconventional areas you might find yourself during a tornado warning and what steps you need to take that could save your life.

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If you’re at church, most Mid-Southerns sit in pews. During a tornado warning, you want to leave the sanctuary. Most sanctuaries are large open rooms with many windows.

Find a smaller room, life the fellowship hall, Sunday school room, or interior hallway away from windows.

If there’s no time to move, get under the seat or pew and protect your head.

What about the grocery or a department store? Stay calm and listen for instructors over the intercom. At Kroger, you’ll get ushered into a back storage room. In other places, you’ll want to go into the center of the store – away from heavy items, tall shelves, and any glass windows.

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For people that live in an apartment, duplex or dorm room – maybe your work at a high rise office building. Try to seek shelter in the smallest room you can find in the center of the building.

Your best bet is to come down to the ground floor and either find shelter under the stairwell or make friend with a 1st-floor resident.

There’s no denying that manufactured homes have vastly improved in safety standards over the past 50 years. If properly built down, they can withstand winds up to 120 mph.

However, winds with a tornado can reach up to 200 mph. They’re not as safe as a permanent building or underground bunker.

In all these circumstances – your first line of defense would be knowing if severe weather is in the forecast… and that’s where we come in.