Billy Turner, man charged in Lorenzen Wright's murder, pleads not guilty on all charges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 has learned investigators used a wire-tap to find the killers of Lorenzen Wright.

The information came out Monday during a plea hearing for Billy Ray Turner, one of the suspects charged with murdering the ex-NBA star from Memphis.

Turner's defense attorney John Keith Perry told FOX13, "I want to talk to every person mentioned in the investigator file."  A file that contains about 20,000 pages of evidence about the murder of Lorenzen Wright in 2010.

"Everything from audio recordings, to wire taps, all the way down to formal charges," said Attorney Perry. FOX13 asked if Perry could tell us who was wire tapped.  Perry said "No."

Other defense attorneys not connected to the case told FOX13 they would not be surprised if police wire tapped Turner, Sherra Wright and even the unindicted coconspirator.

That's the person believed to have told Memphis police where to find the murder weapon and provided enough evidence to arrest both Wright and Turner.

"They probably had wired tapped the client, and you always tell a client or assume that the client has been wired tapped at some point," said Defense Attorney Michael Scholl.

Attorney Scholl told FOX13, whenever law enforcement petitions either a judge or magistrate to get a wiretap it means the usual investigative methods have not worked.

"The law is designed to show that a wiretap is the last thing that you want to do, to listen in on somebody's conversation," said Scholl.

In Monday’s court hearing, Turner found out he is being charged with conspiracy, attempted and first-degree murder in the death of Lorenzen Wright. The same charges ex-wife Sherra Wright Robinson faces. Turner pleaded not guilty to all three.

"He is holding up. He is strong in faith and he has a strong mind and he is holding up," said Turner's lawyer John Keith Perry.

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The former NBA star was last seen alive on July 18, 2010 when he left the home of his ex-wife. The next day, police received a phone call from Lorenzen Wright's cell phone, but it was interrupted by gunfire, according to Shelby County District Attorney's Office.

Wright's body was later discovered on July 28, 2010 in a field near Hacks Cross and Winchester. The then 34-year-old was shot multiple times.

Investigators found the alleged murder weapon in a lake near Walnut, Mississippi on November 9th of this year.

Police said Wright's ex-wife Sherra recruited Billy Turner to carry out the murder.

Sherra Wright-Robinson was indicted & arrested for conspiracy, criminal attempted first-degree & first-degree murder in the death of Lorenzen Wright.

Billy R. Turner, 46, was arrested and charged in Wright's murder on Tuesday, December 5. Turner's next court date is March 19.