• Billy Turner's involvement in Lorenzen Wright's murder

    By: Jerrita Patterson


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis cold case is starting to warm up.

    "The Lorenzen Wright case has stayed in the public eye for many years," Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings said.  

    Detectives have been investigating for more than seven years. Two weeks ago, investigators said there was a huge break in the case when Billy Ray Turner was arrested inside a Collierville convenience store and charged with the 2010 killing of Lorenzen Wright.

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    "We have never given up hope that we would bring those responsible parties to justice,” Director Rallings said.

    This weekend, even more bombshells when it was revealed Wright's ex-wife Sherra Wright-Robinson was the second person arrested in California for the deadly attack. When it comes to Turner, he has already gone before a judge twice in Shelby County.

    During the latter case, he entered a plea his newly retained lawyer John Keith Perry reiterated.

    "All I know is my client is not guilty,” Perry said. “I have not seen any of the proof in the case."

    The evidence collected could be presented in January when Turner goes back to court.  

    District Attorney Amy Weirich is remaining tight-lipped on exactly what the evidence is, only saying she will do everything in her power to ensure the case is tried in the court of law and not with the court of public opinion.

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    "They are presumed innocent until proven guilty,” Weirich said. “We will begin the process in a criminal court system and they will be given every protection."

    Turner will remain behind bars, for now after his $1 million bond was revoked.

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