Block Party for Peace continues to educate and empower Memphis

WATCH: Block Party for Peace

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Representative Antonio Parkinson said improving the quality of life for the people of Memphis has always been one of his top priorities.

The event is a three-day festival in North Memphis with a mission to educate and empower Memphis communities.

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"The event itself instills pride for the people who live in the city," Parkinson said. 
"It has an economic impact for the area that we have it in and it's something good that families need that they can bring the whole family out to."

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This year’s festival is next weekend and setup is already underway.

The event attracts upwards of 12,000 people to 3385 Austin Peay Hwy for food, fun, and live entertainment.

Parkinson said the core of the festival is the job, health, and college fair.

“So, if you need access to jobs, you know it’s here,” Parkinson explained.

“If you need help with your resume, it’s here. If you need you know a wellness check, it’s here.”

The Block Party for Peace Team said most crimes are committed with the intent for some form of the economic game.

That’s why organizers said the festival is a progressive approach to combat crime and violence in the city through job creation and access to workforce development.

“What we do is we give people the keys to empowerment,” Parkinson said.

“We feel like if people’s lives are improved, if people are healthy, if people have access and employment, if people are educated. They are less likely to be kicking your door in.”

Parkinson said there’s a little something for everyone at the Block Party for Peace.

“So, our thing is come out here and make your life better and have fun while you’re doing it,” Parkinson said.

The 14th Annual Block Party for Peace will be September 27-29.

There will be a Domino and Boxing Tournament as well as a 5K.