• Blood stains driveway after attempted armed robbery in Mississippi


    HERNADO, Miss. - One person is in stable condition after an attempted armed robbery in Hernando, Mississippi.

    Chief Scott Worsham told FOX13 the person was shot at a home on Kimber Lane Tuesday afternoon.

    Sandra Lowder said she's stunned after learning about the shooting next door.

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    There is still blood spattered in the driveway.

    "No, this is a quiet street, very boring. If you want to know the truth, " Lowder said.

    Investigators said the victim was shot in the lower extremities with a small caliber handgun.

    Police said it was not the homeowner who was shot. They also tell us nobody in the neighborhood heard gunshots.

    The victim showed up at Baptist DeSoto Tuesday. 

    One person is in custody at this time. Police are still looking for other suspects.

    Margo Ray lives just around the corner from where the shooting happened. She said the neighborhood is always quiet, but she takes no chances.

    "I do lock my doors. I do conceal carry classes. I always carry, and I really don't have much fear," Ray said.

    Hernando Police Chief Scott Worsham tells us the shooting is unusual for the city and he can't recall the last time something like this happened.

    Police are not releasing the name of the suspect or the victim in the shooting at this time.

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