Bloody, stolen gun found during arrest of Memphis man, police say

Bloody, stolen gun found during arrest of Memphis man, police say

Memphis police arrested a man after they found drugs, a stolen gun and a stolen car, court records said.

Officers executed a search warrant on the 3400 block of Scenic Highway yesterday evening.

Police said they were looking for Deangelo Vanhook, who had an outstanding warrant, and when they entered his grandmother’s home, they saw guns and marijuana in a room.

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Vanhook was sleeping on the couch.

He was taken into custody for questioning. While continuing to search, officers found a jar with a green leafy substance as well as a partially used marijuana blunt.

Two other people were also found in the home.

According to MPD, the two were witnesses to the illegal activities of the suspect. Witnesses said they saw Vanhook in a 2017 silver Chevy Cruze which according to Memphis Police, is stolen.

A rifle in the home was also reported stolen. Court records said blood was found on the gun, and it appeared someone had tried to clean it. But, some was left in hard to reach areas.

All the guns from the home were seized by police and the substance found was tested for THC.

Vanhook was taken to 201 Popular.

He was charged with Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Theft of Property. He was also convicted in 2016 for Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.