Body found after 49 days, left in vehicle at MPD impound lot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pablo was shot four times on December 18.

He spent more than a month in Regional One, and was discharged two weeks ago.

“It's kind of a shock for me. I still can't believe what happened,” said Pablo.

Pablo is not shocked by his own wounds though, he’s shocked because when went to pick up his van Monday, his family discovered a dead body.

It was one of the men with Pablo at a Binghampton apartment complex on December 18th when they were shot.

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“We opened the doors, but we never smelled anything right. So it just kind of surprised me really,” said Pablo.

Pablo told FOX13 he made it very clear to investigators there were three people in the car.

“The investigator came to the hospital to ask me some questions. I kind of explained it to him they were two different people with me,” he said.

Director Rallings claimed the complete opposite.

“He only advised that he and victim number two were in the vehicle when the shooting occurred,” said MPD Director Michael Rallings.

So FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw asked the police director.

"I just got done talking with the victim. He said he told your investigators inside Regional One that there were three people inside the van. That directly contradicts what you just said," said Zach Crenshaw.

"So, that is also part of the investigation,” said Director Rallings. “But preliminary investigation from reviewing his statements and body worn camera footage contradicts that and that is not the case."

For MPD, it’s an embarrassment. They are conducting internal investigations into the incident and overall policies.

It’s unclear if the mistake cost a man his life.

“Do you wonder if police had found him if he would've survived?” asked Zach Crenshaw.

“Yeah,” said Pablo.

“Great question,” said Director Rallings. “We are waiting on the results of the autopsy from the Medical Examiner’s office.”

While police wait, Pablo is left wondering how this happened.

“It’s messed up, and I'm very disappointed,” he said. “I'm very disappointed.”