Bolton High School parent records SCS teacher's claims of advancing failing students

SCS parent speaks out

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Editor's Note A previous version of this story misidentified Ms. Moore's son's school as Brighton High School.  Ms. Moore's son attends Bolton High School in the Shelby County Schools system.

Ever since major allegations of corruption and fraud were reported Trezevant High School more people have been reaching out to FOX13 with their stories.

One mother said the district has failed her son, although she is the first to admit her son is not the model student.

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“After he skipped classes, [he was] placed in ISS, [and] missed a whole lot of work. That's when I was alerted," Moore said.

Ms. Moore was concerned with how her son was getting his grades despite missing so much class and not knowing the material.

“He passed ninth and tenth grade,” said Moore.

“Do you think he should've passed those grades?” asked FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw.

“No,” she said.

That is why Moore recorded a conversation with her son’s teacher at Bolton High School.

“80% of the time he’s doing what he’s supposed to do?” asked Moore.

“Actually 80% of the time he’s not distracting us,” responded the teacher.

“And then all of a sudden at the end of the year the child passes?” asked Moore.

“That’s a county schools problem,” said the teacher.

“What is the problem of the county schools?”

“We have meetings about, ‘Well, your failure rate is so low, why don’t we find some kids we can get to the next level?’” said the teacher. “…when I was at Melrose, we had that conversation quite frequently. And I just didn’t do it.”

Moore emailed and called district leaders but said no one responded to her complaint.

“They say that it's all about the kids, but is it really?” she asked, rhetorically.

Moore said the fact that SCS employees implied  they pass failing students is nothing short of a disservice to the students.

“I am trying to put him in a place to succeed. Academically, he is going to need that knowledge," she said. "If he doesn't have it, where does that leave him in society?”

The question Moore has is how many students have potentially been moved on to the next level when they were not qualified to advance.

We may soon have the answer, now that an audit is taking place of all Shelby County School transcripts.

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