Bottled water running low as emergency boil notice continues for Arkansas town

WATCH: Bottled water running low as emergency boil notice continues for Arkansas town

EARLE, Ark. — People living in Earle, Arkansas have been dealing with an emergency boil water notice for two days.

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, water has been hard to come by.

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And for the next few days, some residents said “better safe than sorry” is the unofficial motto for the city.

“When we heard the notice, we just didn’t drink the water,” said Corliss Johnson, a resident. “We got some bottled waters. We just ain’t touch it.”

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E. coli, a potentially deadly bacteria, was discovered in the city’s water supply when a sample came back positive.

Mayor Sherman Smith told FOX13 he couldn’t specify where that sample came from, but he believes it is confined to one area.

“The one that we took upstream and downstream, they passed. But the one that failed originally, failed again,” Smith said.

Sherman told FOX13 more tests are being done to find out the source of the E. coli.

City leaders gathered bottles of water to give away to those in need on Thursday because local stores are running low on cases.

With limited water left on store shelves, Johnson said she is going to wait before touching tap water again.

According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking water can be contaminated by E. coli following natural disasters, contact with contaminated sewage or animal waste, or even from precipitation.

Until the source is located, Smith wants residents to play it safe.

“If people can boil water for a few more days and we will try to supply as much as we can,” said Smith. “We never want it to happen to us, but it did. And we’re going to be alright.”

According to Smith, those tests could come back as soon as this weekend or as late as next week.