Brawl at Memphis IHOP breaks out after manager confronts unruly party

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Owners of the Midtown IHOP are working to add more security at the restaurant after a late-night attack.

On early Friday morning, March 16, the restaurant's manager, Mohammad, confronted an unruly party of five who were making themselves known.

Watch disturbing video below. (Warning: Viewer discretion advised)

Tuesday, police arrested Malachi Okelley.

“They started getting louder and louder. The customers inside started getting annoyed,” said Mohammad.

The manager said Okelley was one of several customers who became loud and aggressive before he asked them to leave.

Shortly after, he found himself in a fight with the five customers, who began throwing objects at him as he fought off others.

“My face was covered with blood. I couldn’t even open my eyes,” he said.

Mohammad is back at work, now with 16-stitches on his face and 4 staples in the back of his head.

He told FOX13 he is planning to have more security inside his location.

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