Business created by Rhodes College Graduates helps college students obtain internships

WATCH: Business created by Rhodes College Graduates helps college students obtain internships

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Landing a dream internship can be difficult for college students, especially while juggling classes and school assignments.

What if you could work for a company anywhere in the country from the comfort of your own dorm room?

Parker Pell and Ben Siegel spend a lot of time together.

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Not only are they roommates, but they’re also business partners.

The two have spent the past four months working vigorously to get their company Scholars up and running.

“So, Scholars connects top college students with high growth companies and businesses as virtual paid interns,” Pell said.

“So, companies come to us and say ‘Hey I need some designs made, I need a website developed, I need some blogs written, I need some research done on my competition.' We provide the top college students who have the background and the willingness to help them out.”

The online company went live Mid-September and the business already has more than 20 clients.

The company is connecting students and businesses, from right here in the Mid-South to as far away as New York City and San Francisco.

“In Memphis we have students form Rhodes, but we also have students from UNC-Chapel Hill, UT Austin, Stanford, and Penn,” Pell said.

“It’s become national really quickly.”

The recent Rhodes College graduates told FOX13 they know first-hand how hard getting a dream internship during the school year can be.

Students are often left with mainly local job opportunities.

“If we’re able to come in and give students opportunities all over the country with higher growth companies doing cool things like maybe building the next Uber, that’s a great thing to put on their resume and it’s really adding to their experience while they’re still in school,” Siegel said.

Pell and Siegel said their long-term goal is to redefine the internship model by making virtual internships the next big thing.

FOX13’s Lauren Coleman asked the recent college graduates what they would tell other young people looking to start a business.

“Get away from just being behind the books,” Pell said.

“Put yourself out there and grow your own personal network.”

Scholars has a third founder. He is also a recent Rhodes College graduate who works remotely from Nashville.

The three are also the founders of QuickFix.

QuixFix is an online site that connects local homeowners to college students to perform odd jobs like lawn care and cleaning.