Byhalia home destroyed by explosion

BYHALIA, Miss. — A woman lost her home in Byhalia, MS after something inside exploded Friday afternoon.

Firefighters told FOX13 she was in another building on the property that she uses as a tax office.

She, her daughter, and son-in-law heard a couple booms and thought it came from the construction company down the road. However, they noticed around 1:30 pm that there was smoke coming from the house.

Natasha Young told us she loved looking at the house when she drove by.

“It’s very pretty,” she said. “Her driveway is all fancy and pretty.”

She said she was shocked to hear that it had been destroyed.

“Her house blowing up is like really sad,” Young said. “It’s like the prettiest house on the block down here right?”

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Fire Investigator Sergeant Tracy Jeffries said they do not know what caused the explosion. He said the owner, Mrs. Cox, lived alone and will now stay with her daughter nearby.

“She’s doing okay,” he said. “She’s pretty upset losing everything that she have was in her home, but I told her it’s best she wasn’t in it.”

Fire Marshalls will investigate the source in the next few days, and they do not think it was anything suspicious.