California neighbors react to arrest of Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife

RIVERSIDE, California — Sherra Wright-Robinson is in the Riverside County Jail awaiting extradition hearing for the return back to Memphis to face charges for the 2010 murder of her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright.

She lived in the community of Murrieta, so her two sons could play basketball at the local high school. FOX13 went to her home not once but twice. We knocked on the door, but no one answered even though cars were parked outside.

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Few neighbors knew Wright-Robinson because they said she was constantly talking on her cell phone walking the community in either her robe or pajamas. John Dylan lived behind her and told FOX13 Wright-Robinson was always on her phone.

“Our neighbor behind us. Wakes us up early in the morning, not intentionally screaming into her phone to other people,” Dylan said.

Dylan recognized Wright-Robinson once he was shown her pictures from the web stories about her being charged with first degree murder of her ex-husband.

“This isn’t Lorenzen Wight's wife? Oh my goodness. I know the case, I just read about it briefly," Dylan told FOX13.

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Dylan remembers the unsolved murder case and the murder weapon found in a Mississippi lake, but had no idea one of the suspects in custody was the woman who lived behind him with two young sons.

“I had no idea that’s who was living behind us. Wow, yeah. Wow. I got goosebumps,” Dylan said.

Neighbors told FOX13 they believe Robinson might have gotten married because this sign that said Robertson. Dylan joked, if it is true, he wondered if Mr. Robertson knew about his new wife’s criminal charges pending against her.

"I am not married to her but her husband might want to be worried," Dylan told FOX13.

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Sherra Wright-Robinson is scheduled to have an extradition hearing Monday morning at the Riverside County California Court House.