• Carl Perkins Center for Prevention of Child abuse opens up in Fayette County

    By: Tom Dees


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Miss. - The new Carl Perkins Center For The Prevention Of Child Abuse has opened up in Fayette County. 

    Before the Center For The Prevention Of Child Abuse opened, children who were abuse victims had to be taken to a center in neighboring Hardemann County to be interviewed.

    The thing about the Carl Perkins Center, it puts the child in a child friendly atmosphere to get them to open up about a traumatic experience

    Somerville Police Chief David Webb spoke to FOX13 about the power of the center.

    "If there was not a Carl Perkins Center, the child would have to meet with DCS and law enforcement. The child would have to be stuck with telling me their story as opposed to someone who is non law enforcement and non DCS. No one would be trained to interview children in a non threatening manner," Chief Webb said.

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    The center held its grand opening Monday. Even though its been open for a year, FOX13 found out it has helped 125 children and parents in child abuse cases.

    "And there are so many more that we are not reaching. So many cases of abuse that are not making it to our court system," Coordinator Haley Duffy said.

    Center Coordinator Haley Duffey shared that the Carl Perkins Center operates on donations only, and that the forensic interviews done here save children a lot of pain.

    "Those answers are able to be held in court so the child does not have her repeat it repeatedly tell their story," Duffey said

    The Carl Perkins Center in Fayette County is still looking for someone to sponsor their building. The centers are used in all West Tennessee child abuse investigations, except in Shelby County.

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