Case against Memphis pastor and his wife who allegedly stole $50k to go before a grand jury

WATCH: Case against Memphis pastor and his wife who allegedly stole $50k to go before a grand jury

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A case against a Memphis pastor and his wife accused of identity theft and forgery is now in the hands of a Shelby County Grand Jury.

FOX13 Investigated first reported on the case if Pastor Frederick G. Smith and his wife in 2018.

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Clevie Bissell and her daughter-in-law, Carolyn Bissell, are never resting until they see justice.

Carolyn Bissell told FOX13, "it has been very hard, but the Lord has given us strength to make it through."

Police arrested Clevie's former pastor, Frederick G. Smith and his wife, October 2018.

The couple is accused of stealing Clevie Bissell's identity, opening credit cards in her name and purchasing $50,000 worth of items.

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"We have been able to get the credit card debt off of mom and her credit score has improved," said Carolyn.

FOX13 has learned that the case is now being reviewed by a grand jury.

The family wants an indictment returned against the pastor and his wife.

"They're acting like nothing happened. They won't admit to doing wrong."

Carolyn Bissell and her husband have been present at nine court hearings involving this case.

They have called and emailed the district attorney's office every month since last October insisting on being kept in the loop.

Carolyn has even provided investigators wtih documents, and she told FOX13 the paperwork shows her mother-in-law never gave Pastor Smith and his wife permission to use her identity, open credit cards in her name or make purchases.

"What if it was your mom or your grandmother? What if it was one of them? How would you feel? What would you do?"

FOX13 reached out to the lawyer representing Pastor Smith. He declined to comment.