• Ceiling collapses on newborn inside apartment, mother shares viral video

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A very scary situation unfolded inside a Memphis apartment complex, and a concerned mother shared the incident on social media.

    An angry Brandi Kelley posted a video on her personal Facebook page after witnessing parts of the ceiling in her Whitehaven apartment fall on top of her baby. FOX13 spoke with Kelley's boyfriend and father of the baby, Colby Burton. He said the family moved to the South Pointe Townhomes in August.

    "I think if it would have come straight down at a sharp point it probably would've hurt him," Burton said. 

    Kelley's post on Facebook as more than 12,000 shares on Facebook, and her friends are defending her saying the South Pointe Townhomes need fixing up. 

    The post has graphic language. You can click here to view it.

    Before the roof collapsed Saturday afternoon, Burton told FOX13 they had three garbage cans in different areas of the family's apartment to catch water from several leaks. Kelley's video shows her going into the leasing office to report the incident.

    "For two months I have been complaining about my house nobody came to fix (expletive)," Kelley said on her Facebook video. 

    FOX13 went to the leasing office, but the doors were locked. We have called and left voicemails, but we have notheard back.

    Kelley took to her Facebook again Saturday evening to report her baby is safe and unharmed.

    In April 2018, FOX13 reported a separate incident at the same complex. Twins died inside an apartment due to a fire at the same complex. They were three years old. 

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