Charges won't be filed against woman who stabbed, killed woman in fight

Charges won't be filed against woman who stabbed, killed woman in fight

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — According to the Memphis Police Department, charges won't be filed against the woman who stabbed another woman in a fight.

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MPD told FOX13, Britney Allgood, 18, was the woman stabbed in the heart and lung during a neighborhood fight Thursday evening. Memphis police responded to a deadly stabbing in Hickory Hill. Investigators were called to the 6200 block of Knight Arnold around 5:50 p.m.

When police arrived on the scene, officers found two women fighting (who knew each other). The person responsible for the stabbing remained on the scene. She was later detained by officers. However, MPD confirmed with FOX13 Sunday afternoon that no charges will be filled at this time as it does appear to be self-defense.

The family of Allgood reached out to FOX13 to provide a statement on charges not being filled. See below:

Today, at a private press conference in Memphis, TN, the family of slain honor student, Brittany Allgood, demanded that the Memphis Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, and other law enforcement officials conduct a thorough investigation of the July 5, 2018 altercation between Brittany and another woman, identified as Bianca Sims, that left Brittany dead.

 According to the family, Brittany Allgood was an 18-year old honor student and aspiring model 
with no history of violence who recently graduated from Ridgeway High School in Memphis and looked forward to attending college. Her life was taken, however, when she was stabbed in her heart and lungs  by Bianca Sims during an altercation that was allegedly over a young man.

Although Ms. Sims was detained briefly at the scene, she has not been arrested or otherwise taken into police custody because of what she alleges was self-defense, but what the family suspects may be preferential treatment that she’s received because she is the step child of a Memphis police officer.     

According to the family spokesperson, “there are many disputed facts in this case along with 
evidence, including witness accounts, video footage, and social media posts, that establish that Ms. Sims may have threatened Brittany for months before the incident, asked Brittany for and discovered her location using social media on the day of the incident, attempted to run Brittany over with her vehicle upon sighting her at a different location just minutes before the incident, invited Brittany to follow her and lured her to a friend’s apartment complex so they could fight, and then stabbed Brittany with a large butcher knife that she brought to the scene after Brittany arrived and ran up to her car weaponless.”

For this reason, the family contends that the question of whether this was self-defense by a woman attempting to protect her child as Ms. Sims claims or premeditated murder by a woman who endangered the welfare of her child by bringing her along to a fight that she initiated and a murder that she intended to commit.   

The family urged the Memphis Police Department, the District Attorney, and other law 
enforcement to continue the investigation instead of closing it and relying solely on Ms. Sims’ version of the facts and video footage of the fight scene alone.  The family noted that “an unbiased adjudicator of facts, such as a judge or jury, who is not influenced by the perpetrator’s relationship with the MPD should be allowed to decide whether Ms. Sims, who has a known history of violence was in fact an innocent victim who justifiably killed in self-defense or a killer who willingly participated in a fight that she initiated and that resulted in the death of a victim that she lured the scene. Once that is done, we are confident that justice will be served.”   

Anyone who witnessed the altercation or who has actual information (including video footage or 
direct testimony) in support of the family’s quest for justice should contact