• Child in medical isolation for scabies at Shelby County juvenile detention center

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    SHELBY CO., Tenn. - One youth detainee is in quarantine at the Shelby County juvenile detention center after showing symptoms consistent with scabies.

    A spokesperson with the sheriff’s office said staff discovered the infection on Monday. 

    Now, they’re going through decontamination protocol, and at this point no other detainees are at risk of catching the contagious disease.

    But SCSO officials don’t know what caused the infection.

    The child’s parents have been notified as the detention center follows decontamination procedures. 

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    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), scabies is caused by mites and can spread quickly in areas where people are in close physical contact, such as prison facilities. 

    The CDC states it usually takes two to six weeks for symptoms to appear after being infested with scabies mites.

    FOX13 asked the sheriff’s office when the last time was someone was infected with a contagious disease at the detention center. They directed her questions to the health department which oversees youth care and implements protocols for the detention center.

    FOX13 called and emailed the health department about its protocols related to contagious diseases, but the department didn’t respond before this report. 

    The CDC states the disease is usually spread by skin-to-skin contact with someone who has scabies, and sometimes it can be spread indirectly by sharing items like clothing, towels and bedding.

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