Children of Lorenzen Wright start GoFundMe campaign to pay for mother's bond

WATCH: Children of Lorenzen Wright start GoFundMe campaign to pay for mother's bond

Sherra Wright-Robinson is in jail, but her children are trying to get her out.

Lorenzen Wright, the former NBA star and Memphis native, was murdered eight years ago.

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Wright's children started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for their mother, who was arrested and charged in their father's murder.

In the GoFundMe page, they said Sherra Wright was “arrested for a crime she DID NOT commit” and has been mistreated by everyone in the justice system.

They are hoping to raise $400,000 for the bond.

Since January 20, Sherra Wright has been behind bars in Shelby County.

Her kids are trying to change that. According to their social media posts, the children of Sherra and Lorenzen Wright started a GoFundMe Thursday night, titled “Bring Mommy Wright Home.”

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“I guess some people who have dealt with a similar situation might feel some sympathy for her,” said Memphis resident Alvin Fleming. “But for the most part, I don't think a lot of people will because at the end of the day it is murder.”

Sherra and Lorenzen Wright had six children together, who according to the post believe their Mom “IS INNOCENT.”

The kids’ grandmother and many Memphians disagree.

“It's a tough situation, like I said – a lot of people are split down the middle. Some people side with a grieving mother, some people are siding with the children,” said Fleming.

The kids are hoping to raise $400,000 to post the $2 million bond, but the bail is actually $20 million.

So, they really need $2 million in cash.

Either way, it is a long shot.

“She going to still be in jail (when this all ends),” said Trice Moffett. “They going to get that GoFundMe money and put it on her books. And she's going to continue to be in jail. That's how it's going to go. If someone donates to her.”

So far, donations have been slowly rolling in, but it is important to remember in the frenzy of the arrests and upcoming trial, there are six kids are without their mother.

They have been without their father for the past eight years, and no amount of money can change that.

“It’s just a sad situation all across the board. I don't think anyone wins. If she bonds out of jail or not, it is a no-win situation,” said Fleming.