Children turn stepfather into police after bag of ecstasy was found in 3-year-old's pants

WATCH: Children turns stepfather into police

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The biological father of two children who were in the car when their stepfather was arrested for drug possession spoke to FOX13 today.

The father’s 3-year-old girl had a bag of ecstasy pills stuffed in her pants by her stepfather.

Adam Bourgoin said he isn’t happy that his children were with their step father Terrance Lyles when Lyles was arrested for drug possession.

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"Inside I am out of this world upset, mad, enraged,” Bourgoin said.

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Lyles is his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

"I knew Terrance in school but never associated with him,” Bourgoin said.

Memphis police say Bougoin’s 6-year-old son and 3- year-old daughter were in the car with Lyels.

Thursday Memphis police arrested pulled Lyles over after police say his car fit the description of a vehicle that was involved in a shooting.

"If he did do that the story is a lot bigger than drugs being involved,” Bourgoin said.

Police told FOX13 when they pulled Lyles over he tried to quickly get rid of drugs he had in the car.

Investigators said officers stopped Lyle from putting a handful of multi-color pills in his mouth.

Memphis police say Bourgoin’s son told officer where the rest of the drugs were.

"He told MPD my dad stuck something in my sisters and my daughter Anaya is like in my pants, in my pants. I read that in the report and that sounds just like my children,” Bourgoin said.

Police said Lyles stuffed a plastic bag with more than 100 ecstasy pills inside of Bourgoin’s daughter’s pants.

Police say the pills looked similar to candy.

Bougoin’s says his kids love candy and is glad his kids didn’t put one of those pills in his mouth.

"They could have ate that and we would have had a whole different story,” Bourgoin said.

According to court records Lyles does have several misdemeanor drug arrest.

Lyles is facing charges that include child abuse, tampering with evidence, and drug possession.

His bond is set at $150,000.