City leader speaks out after juveniles escape from treatment facility in Bartlett

WATCH: City leader speaks out after juveniles escape from treatment facility in Bartlett

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Lakeland commissioner told FOX13 he was there when two juveniles who escaped from a treatment facility in Bartlett were caught.

Officials said they were captured in the Herons Ridge construction area in Lakeland Friday.

This is the second time in two weeks juveniles escaped from the treatment facility in Bartlett. It used to be known as Varongon Academy.

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We spoke with a city leader who said something must be done to stop this from happening.

Lakeland Commissioner Wesley Wright said he is fed up with teens escaping from the facility. He said this is raising concerns about security issues.

Wright told us two juveniles escaped late Thursday night. Two weeks ago, we reported four other juveniles escaped from the facility.

Wright explained the juveniles ran across I-40 and almost got hit in both cases. Wright reached out to Bartlett city leaders to try to figure out what can be done to stop this problem.

He said the facility is making security improvements.

“I know they’re improving the fence, just basically making sure it’s more secure.  I don’t know about personnel and things like that, but they’re just making sure, where it’s positioned, it’s adjacent to I-40 where it seems like they have been getting out and jumping the fence,” said Lakeland commissioner Wesley Wright.

Wright told us no word on what motivated the teens to escape.

When FOX13 reached out to an employee with the property, she did not want to talk on camera. The only thing they would tell us is that it’s a treatment facility.