City of Memphis looking for ways to cut costs on SkyCop cameras

WATCH: Council looks for ways to cut costs on SkyCops

The Memphis crime-fighting eye in the sky is not cheap. Officials said the city has almost 400 SkyCop units that operate on wireless signals.

The city is looking for ways to cut costs on the cameras. That includes getting the company that provides the service to provide more free connectivity.

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Officials said they want the service provider that donates the camera to donate at least five years of connectivity for free.

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City councilwoman Jamita Swearengen told us free connectivity may not be the only option. “There could be a savings they have not gone through the fiber optic system. So I have made a request for them to come on board to see if we could save $177,000 from the $297,000 they introduced to us today.”

Now, the city has 369 cameras, each of which cost around $2,000 a year for wireless.

Anyway to cut that cost back would help.

“I think they are very important, as we know this is one of the cities that has the highest amount of crime. I appreciate the communities that are coming forward and giving funds towards it,” Swearengen said.

The City of Memphis has gotten more and more SkyCop cameras over the years with many of them being donated.