• City of Memphis looks into abandoned properties in Orange Mound after FOX13 investigation

    By: Greg Coy


    The City of Memphis takes action on 25 abandoned properties in Orange Mound after FOX13 discovered them and sent the addresses to the city.  

    At least 13 of these homes are now boarded up, but people living in those communities say it's not enough.  

    "There is going to be a big difference. It is going to be painted different," Steven Rook said as he showed FOX13.

    The home his relatives gave him and he wants to rehab so it will look nice inside and out. Rook said he is going to pay attention to the "landscaping, interior and exterior."

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    Across the street is an abandoned home boarded Monday after we contacted the city about it. Rook called it an eye soar that brings the neighborhood down.

    Last Thursday, FOX13 rode the neighborhood around Melrose High School identifying 25 abandoned homes after a girl told police she had been raped inside an abandoned duplex.

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    Of the 25 properties we found eleven of them were boarded up less than a week later.  A dozen of them got written up for rehab.  Five of the homes have a current rehab file that will be revised to reflect what condition the property is in now.  At least one of the homes will be written up for condemnation.

    "The grass was about this high last week" said Babette Taylor whose aunt lives next door to one of the properties boarded up and code inspectors will push the owner to fix up so its livable.

    She told FOX13 her family has complained about it in the past and nothing was done.

    "Maybe they are calling and complaining and nothing is being done about it," said Taylor.

    The Strickland Administration insists that neighbors ought to call 3-1-1 and code enforcement to report  any blighted homes.

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